Child Protection Policy

At Courageous Kitchen we hold the safety and security of all children to the highest importance. It is our mission to improve the lives of all children, therefore we are committed to ensuring that children are safe from harm.

Definitions and Scope:

  1. We define a child (in accordance with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child) as any persons under the age of 18.
  2. These policies apply to all staff members of Courageous Kitchen and any one affiliated such as volunteers or visitors.


  1. The rights of all children should be respected. This especially includes the right to live free from abuse and exploitation.
  2. Children should be treated equally and with respect and encouraged to live to their full potential.
  3. All children will be protected from harmful influences, abuse, and exploitation.

Responsibilities of All Staff, Volunteers, and Visitors

  1. No one will physically, psychologically, or emotionally abuse or harm a child.
  2. No one will sexually abuse a child or act in a manner that is inappropriate.
  3. All are required to report any and all forms of child abuse to the appropriate authorities.
  4. All are required to listen to children when they report abuse and look for signs of abuse.
  5. The best interest of the child will always be the most important factor when making decisions or planning programs.
  6. All will work to ensure that all children feel safe and welcome.
  7. The physical safety of children is top priority especially in spaces such as the kitchen.
  8. No one will give the confidential information of a child to anyone outside of the organization.
  9. Children will only be photographed or recorded with their consent and the consent of their families. All media will be respectful and appropriate.
  10. No one will interact with or contact children outside their role or capacity of the organization. This includes phone calls, email, and other social media platforms such as Facebook.


All those acting in violation of our policy will be dismissed and banned from the organization and all activities. They will also be reported to the proper authorities.