How to Donate to Courageous Kitchen

Use this page to get up to date on all of the ways to support Courageous Kitchen. In full transparency we’ve included the details of fees associated with each payment method as well. We hope to encourage trust and remind our supporters that 95% of all online donations go directly toward helping feed and educate people in need. This guarantee is possible only because of your support for our social business, where we offer our cooking classes and other premium activities and products.

Types of Donations

  • Recurring Donations – This type of donation repeats so you can give monthly with your paypal or credit card. This is the most beneficial for the organization and the amount can be customized. For example, you can give monthly to help a family put food on the table
  • One Time Donations – This donation gives you an opportunity to help our charitable mission with a single transaction. For example, you can donate an amount equivalent to a single plate of food for a student, an entire class, or a year’s worth of instruction or more.  
  • Honorary Donations – These donations allow you to give on behalf of someone else. This is ideal when you want to give a donation as a gift, or in memory of someone. 
  • Anonymous Donations – Some websites allow you to indicate Courageous Kitchen as the beneficiary of a donation which keeps your identity hidden from the organization. Paypal Giving Fund, where you need to search to find Courageous Kitchen, is the best example. 
  • Micro-Giving – Micro giving happens when you elect Courageous Kitchen as your charity of choice on an e-commerce website such as ebay or amazon. When you make eligible purchases, a small percentage is collected for charity. 
  • In-Kind Donations – These are donations of material items instead of cash. They can be useful when helping with food supplies or equipment, but we do not accept any clothing donations. To make this type of donation, please get in contact.

You can create your own custom donation by entering your details below. 

Use this page to customize a donation of your choosing.

Custom donations can include:

  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Sponsorships and Scholarships
  • Special Projects
  • Recurring Donations
  • Administrative Fees

Thank you for supporting Courageous Kitchen!

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Summary of Transaction Fees

Many donors may be unaware of the fees collected when donations are made online. While charities do receive discounted processing fees, this is still an important consideration when donating. The fees for the main payment processors are listed below and when donating through our website, you have the option to help cover the costs of these transactions by checking the box on each donation form. 

  • Paypal – 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Credit Cards (Stripe) – 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (a flat 3.5% for American Express)

Donation Security

Donors who give through Stripe (the company processing our credit card transactions), or Paypal can give confidently knowing their transactions are secure. Both Stripe and Paypal are PCI compliant means of giving, meaning they abide by the major industry standards for payment processing. 

Charity Registration

Courageous Kitchen 2018, a registered 501(c)(3), EIN# 81-0914093. As required of our status, Courageous Kitchen, is non-political and non-religious. Find our profile on Guidestar, where we’ve earned a silver seal for our transparency efforts.

Thai Bank Accounts

In the past we have given Thai bank details to allow donors in Thailand to give locally. Instead, it is now possible to use our donation page with a debit or credit card and give in baht.

If you would still like to give by bank transfer, you can donate to Kasikorn Bank Account (#035-2-23668-5, Dwight Turner). If you plan to use this method or have donated by bank transfer, please notify us so that we can record your transaction accordingly.

Donating through Paypal 

When you select to give through Paypal on our website, you’ll enter your details and automatically go to a Paypal screen where you can complete the donation. Recurring donations are the best way to give and you can give any amount!

Please note you do not have to be a member of Paypal to use use it to donate. If you are not a member, when it asks you to login, look for the option below where you can indicate you do not want to join. This will prompt you to to simply give using your credit or debit card. 

Donating through Paypal Giving Fund

Leaving our website, you can go to Paypal Giving Fund, the charitable foundation belonging to Paypal which collects no fees on transactions. In contrast, this option does require you to be a member of Paypal, and you’ll need to search for “Courageous Kitchen” when indicating a charity. You can give without the charity incurring any fees, and a tax receipt will be issued and emailed to you automatically. However, please note there may be a clearing period before the organization receives the funds. 

Other Ways to Give

Cash app users can use the code “$CourageK” to donate. 

While donations are the best way to give, you can also contribute by making a purchase of a service or product. These purchases help to alleviate additional costs of fundraising, including website security and business operations.