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Latest Updates & Recipes

Quick and Painless Pad Thai Recipe

Quick and Painless Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai is Thailand's most recognizable dish and one of our most popular cooking requests! Below you can find a version adapted to allow you to recreate this delicious recipe at home. You can catch us cooking pad thai in our cooking class in Bangkok, but we mastered...

Celebrating the Thai Summer with BBQ and Real World Kitchen Skills!

April in Bangkok is hot! The hottest month of the year in Thailand is also an important one with schools out, people spending more time with family, and the celebration of the water festival Songkran. Before Bangkok sunk completely into the heat induced festivities,...

A Recipe for Making Authentic Khao Soi Curry

A Recipe for Making Authentic Khao Soi Curry

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IavbnWQV88 Whether from traveling to Thailand or watching street food videos, people around the world are excited to try Thailand's rich khao soi curry. This hearty northern Thai dish wins people over by being full of tender stewed...

Two Big Safety Improvements Coming to Courageous Kitchen

We appreciate you checking in with us this month and we've got two big announcements to share from Bangkok. The first is that there's a piece of equipment we've needed for quite some time and it's finally arrived. We'll give you a hint, it's not a giant oven, or some...

Inspirational Video Dares Us to #EatTogether!

Few things are as powerful at bringing us together as the plate! Admit it, there's something special about coming together at the dinner table, even when our worlds might seem far a part. Take a look at the following Canadian ad campaign for #EatTogether and we hope...

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