Chatuchak Market Street Food Run


One of the world’s largest flea markets, Chatuchak Market, can also be a great place to try street food!

We’ll introduce you to Chatuchak, better known as JJ Market, and take you to some of our favorite stalls.

When the market is crowded and there’s over 8,000 shops, figuring out what’s for lunch can seem like advanced math. We make it easy for you, and after the tour, you’ll still have time to shop!

1.5 hour tour with proceeds going to help our charity reach more marginalized youth. See full details below.


Since 2017 Courageous Kitchen has been helping tourist navigate the dizzying array of street food choices Bangkok has to offer. We love this city, and relish in the opportunity to meet others who enjoy sharing a meal, and getting a closer look at the people behind the food.

We’re now leaping from our food packed neighborhood, to a tourist hotspot we love, Chatuchak market. Chatuchak (aka JJ Market) is one of the most well known flea markets in Bangkok. Locals and tourists both flock to this epic weekend market, and you’ll see it mentioned in travel tips in everything from posh magazines, to worn lonely planet guides.

However, navigating the market on your own is difficult. When the sun comes out, as the crowds arrive you begin to realize you need hours and hours to really uncover the best places to visit. Well we’ve done that for you, taking our experience visiting this market over the years, to create a tour to fill your belly and inspire you to go on your own Thai food tasting spree.

This tour includes both out of the way stops you would never find on your own, and street food gems hiding in plain sight. We also supplement the information in the tour by reminding guests to download our pdf street food guide. This tour is short, only 1.5 hours, which means afterwards you will have time to explore more on your own, or chill out the rest of the day with a coconut ice cream, watching the world walk by.

Let’s meet, eat, and conquer this incredible market together!