Thai Style Healthy Eating Course


Our latest course explores how to make the most of the abundance of local produce in Thailand. We hope to encourage you to support farmers, eat healthily, and include local ingredients in your diet.

  • Learn About Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Learn to Identify Local Thai Produce
  • Get Accessible and Versatile Recipes

This course is ideal for:

  • Lovers of Thai Fruit and Vegetables
  • Expats Living in Thailand
  • Cooks Exploring Thai Ingredients


This course is designed to be self-guided. Each unit of the course has info on making the most of natural ingredients. The language used is appropriate for youth, including for international school students.

The coursework follows the principles we promote to youth in need. This includes the philosophy that the quality of food can be evaluated using the acronym 3ND:

  • Natural – Food that is whole, unprocessed or only lightly processed, or occurs naturally in nature.
  • Nutritious – The food we eat should benefit our overall health.
  • Nearby – The food should be comprised of ingredients produced relatively locally, with minimal environmental impact and consideration for farmers.
  • Diverse – Our diets should reflect the diversity we see in nature. This means eating a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables of all types and colors.

As such how we approach cooking should be similar. To reflect this, we have included beginner recipes for incorporating nutrition and biodiversity into the diet.

Each unit includes high quality photos that we have taken ourselves unless otherwise noted. If there is enough support for the course, we may add more video content in the future.