Thai Tea Cannister (No.1 Brand)


Collectible Tin Box Contains 50 Bags for making Thai Tea!

Pick up at your cooking class or dinner booking (we do not ship this item internationally).

No.1 Brand also known as “Hand Brand” or in Thai “Cha Tra Mue”

Weighs approx 200 grams, product of Thailand


So many students visiting our Thai cooking class fall in love with Thai tea, especially once they know how simple it is to make!

Now you can take home this souvenir canister to give away, impress guests, or drink all yourself in the middle of the night (we don’t judge).

Inside you’ll find 50 individual tea bags for making Thai tea. This is very convenient compared to versions where they sell the loose tea (a pain to deal with) or the premixed version (nasty!). We’ve tested them all, including the off brands!

I you purchase a can or two before your cooking class, it’ll help us make sure we have plenty in stock for everyone.

Note: This product is only for purchase locally, we do not ship it internationally. If you order it from Amazon, be sure to designate us as your charity of choice with Amazon Smile.