The Courageous Kitchen is a charity that believes the heat and fast paced nature of kitchens can forge leaders and build strong teams. The kitchen is a hands on classroom and our kitchen education includes basic cooking, food safety, and nutrition for disadvantaged youth. We also provide support for students to learn other invaluable skills such as English and math.

In this quick update Dwight shares the progress on creating a new classroom for the students. For the past year and a half most of the cooking sessions have been happening in a cramped cooking space, with at times over 40 students. However, we’ve been working recently to upgrade a new space so it can be used as a classroom. This has meant doing some renovations such as raising the floor, redoing plumbing, painting, and a lot of cleaning. There were also funds to outfit the space with tables and shelves to make it more organized and conducive to teaching.

Big thank you to the Year 2 students at Bangkok Patana School and everyone else who has been supporting us!

P.S. Please¬†mark the date August 19th, when we will debut a new documentary about our work in Bangkok. The video will be about 10 minutes and will talk more in depth about the situation and the importance of getting aid to the community we’re serving, especially the food, housing, and educational support we’re working hard to provide.


Dwight is director of Courageous Kitchen and a long term expat living in Bangkok, Thailand. A Thai speaker and astute lover of food, he enjoys teaching cooking, and using his passion for food to transform communities.