Food Products

Thank you for your interest in food products by Courageous Kitchen. Our team currently makes small, homemade food products for people interested in purchasing locally in Bangkok, Thailand.

The products began by offering vegan jams and sauces to visitors in to our cooking classes. However when business slowed due to the coronavirus, we began to make these products more available by delivery. The products allow us to promote healthy eating in Bangkok, while continuing to support youth in the communities we serve.

Customers living in Bangkok can have products delivered through Farmtastic. Each product is made using natural ingredients, with no white sugar or chemical additives. We hope you enjoy them, and that soon you’ll see our products available in more places!

Organic Tempeh

This fermented soybean product is made in house, and wrapped in banana leaves. The fermentation process can take 3 days or longer, but helps to make the soybeans more nutritious and easily digestible. The result of the long process is a dense, soybean packed patty that can be sliced and cooked as a meat substitute. The organic soybeans that we use are sourced from the North of Thailand.

Care: Fresh tempeh can be placed in the refrigerator for up to two weeks (or in the freezer for 1-2 months). If the tempeh becomes wet, or the smell becomes unusually strong, you should discard it. More info on knowing if you tempeh is still good here.

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Organic Tofu

In Thailand there are lots of tofu brands available on the market. However, few of them offer organic, handmade tofu with no additives. Since we teach tofu making to our guests, we are firm believers in the nutritional benefits, and the value in this process. We use organic soybeans sourced from the North of Thailand.

Care: The tofu can be kept in the refrigerator for two weeks. For the best results, keep in an airtight container and regularly change the water.

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Okara Burger Patties

One of our newest items is a vegetarian burger patty. Each patty is 150g and is made using organic soy okara mixed with mushroom, garlic, and dry spices. We’re most proud of this items because as a waste free meat substitute, making tasty use of the okara left over from our tofu making.

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Organic Butternut Soup

Coming soon.

Thai Sauces

Our cooking classes are joined by guests from all over the world. As a result, we often needed sauces that were made without meat products, nuts, gluten, or tons of chili. To make sure our sauces were safe, we began making homemade pad thai sauce, sriracha, Thai chili jam, and others.

Care: The sauces are all natural, and should be refrigerated after opening.

Weekly Meal Plans

Ready-made meal subscriptions are available on a per customer basis. Please drop us a message with you dietary restrictions, location, and number of meals each week and we’ll contact you to setup a plan.

Pad Thai Kit

Coming soon.