Group Cooking Classes in Bangkok

At Courageous Kitchen we’re happy to welcome your social group, school, or company to join our cooking classes in Bangkok. Below we’ve combined some of the details of how these larger cooking classes operate. Please contact us when you are ready to book, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

For other FAQs related to Courageous Kitchen, check here.

General Questions

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We’re happy to welcome students groups into our kitchen as well!

What time does your cooking class begin?

  • We are flexible, but typically like to begin classes at 10am, before the Bangkok sun has fully revealed itself.

Where are you located?

  • We’re located outside the central tourist district, so give yourself extra time to reach a meeting point near Punnawithi BTS Station (Sukhumvit 101/1).

How much does a group Thai cooking class cost?

  • Groups over 10 are usually $40 per person. This includes cooking two dishes and a dessert.
  • Keep in mind costs can vary, depending on the size of the group, and dietary needs.

How many people can you accommodate in your Thai cooking class?

  • We can accommodate up to 30 people at our venue.
  • For cooking class groups of 30 or more, we have a partner program with another company. For these programs, cooking classes can be as large as 75 people. Please contact us in advance for more info.

When we cook, do we serve our food to children in need?

  • No, our kids’ Thai cooking is probably better than yours!
  • We operate as a social enterprise, meaning our business activities are separate from our outreach in the community. This is important because most of the youth we serve are vulnerable and need consistent, thoughtful interaction.
  • However, many of the young adult women who help us run the class come from the hill tribe communities we serve. Their participation means guests directly impact people in need, by allowing them to practice their English, and by sharpening their job ready skills.

Is the class outdoor?

  • The cooking class is partially outdoors, but much of the prep, instruction, and eating happens in an air conditioned rooms.

Are the Thai recipes from the class included?

Is the class handicap accessible?

  • We do our best to accommodate anyone with mobility issues attending our class. However, you do need to let us know in advance.
  • Guests should be comfortable walking for 1km.
  • Guests should be comfortable standing while cooking.

Cultural Tips

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Some dishes, such as tradition curry pastes, are customarily made while being seated on the floor.

Is it ok to leave tips, or is this included?

  • Tips and gratuities are not included in the cost of your cooking class or street food tour. These donations will go back toward the programming we provide to those in need.
  • The best place to donate is our website, where you will receive an automatic receipt. However, we have a donation box on the premises to make this easy for guests as well.

Will you explain to our group how your charity works?

  • After each dish, you’ll have a chance to eat and discuss together.
  • We usually use this time to show our documentary, answer questions, or even explain the history/origin of the food.
  • We try to be adaptable and tailor this a bit to the group visiting. Some groups want to hear more about us as social entrepreneurs, others want to expose their students and employees to the fraught status of refugees in Thai society.
  • Many just want to have fun, and are more curious about our homemade sriracha, fruit jam, soaps, and other products. Let us know what would work best for you and your group. 

What clothing is appropriate?

  • Guests are advised to dress comfortably, and to avoid overly revealing clothing.
  • After the market tour, aprons are provided to protect your clothing, however, you may also want to wear close-toed shoes incase you spill something hot.
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Can we take pictures?

  • Yes, you can take photos during the cooking class. We’re happy to grab your phone or camera and help you take some as well.
  • You can mostly take photos freely in the market, however, ask permission if including people’s faces in your shots.

We loved this experience, can we hug our guides?

  • We’re big believers in consent. Be sure to ask your guides permission before any sort of physical contact.
  • Be aware that the cultural normals for touch and personal space are likely not the same as what you may be used to in your country.
  • If there are minors present, please refrain from making any contact with them. For details on our child protection policy, click here.