Courageous Aprons

Suggested Price: $25.00

This item will be released January 7, 2019.

Pre-ordering aprons for early 2019 is now available!

Aprons are made of sturdy material and adjustable.

Show your support with a large embroidered CK logo on each apron!

Price includes standard shipping.

Minimum Price: $18.00

Courageous Kitchen aprons are now available for pre-order. The first aprons orders should arrive early 2019.

The aprons feature a large embroidered Courageous Kitchen logo and are made of a tough, stain resistant material. Just below the logo is a large pocket suitable for keeping kitchen utensils or smart phones while you cook.

The apron has an adjustable loop for fitting around the neck and standard side apron strings that can be tied around the waist.

Each apron is made of Chef grade combed twill, intended to be tough, but light and comfortable to wear.

All aprons are products of Thailand.

The suggested price is $25 including shipping, however you can name your price (minimum price is $18). Sales proceeds will benefit our charity, helping us to cover the costs of aprons and cooking equipment for the students we teach from marginalized communities in Bangkok.

We’re producing a limited number of Courageous Kitchen aprons, and for a limited time you can get a special price by pre-ordering.

Aprons are currently only available in one color.

We are only able to offer standard shipping and in some instance aprons will be shipped from Thailand.

We do not have a return policy.

For large orders, please contact us directly.