Morning Market Cooking Class in Bangkok


Local market tour in Bangkok, with an expert in home cooking session!

Small class size with options for our set menu class, or to customize your own menu.

Class starts at 10am and is accessible by skytrain.

Proceeds help fund our charity helping Bangkok’s marginalized youth.

See detailed description below.


Join us for a close up look at a local Thai market, and a guided cooking class where you will learn about Thai ingredients, and how to cook with them on your own!

We give all of our guests a hands on experience where they can see, touch, and taste in an authentic Thai neighborhood in Bangkok. We show off our local market, and the sweet vendors there who have a collection of flowers in bloom, all sorts of vegetables and meat, and freshly pressed coconut milk to sale. Later we stop at a local street stall for a snack, or grab coffee before bringing you to our home to begin cooking!

  • Set Menu Class $45
  • Custom Menu Class $60

The class has two options, either our standard menu of Thai favorites, or you can request your favorites with our custom option. This included venturing away from the common dishes normally done in cooking classes. We’re able to cook obscure dishes, regional food, and spicier food than we can offer normally. These classes are exciting for us to teach, but to best take advantage of the custom menu, we recommend booking in advance.

We also have a kids cooking class, and a rice noodle making class available.

Here’s a video preview of some of the action from our classes:

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