It’s still early in the days of Courageous Kitchen and we really appreciate everyone helping to let people know about the important work we’re doing in Bangkok.

For this week’s popup event in New York, Dwight made a special thank you video (sidenote: apologies for the sweaty appearance, it really is burning up in Bangkok at the moment!) to both introduce the charity and thank everyone who has put in so much work in his absence.

Special thank you to Christy Innouvong, part of the Courageous Kitchen team who has put in so many hours to make this happen. Also special thanks to the I Eat Lao Food team and everyone who attended, ate, and gave!


Dwight is director of Courageous Kitchen and a long term expat living in Bangkok, Thailand. A Thai speaker and astute lover of food, he enjoys teaching cooking, and using his passion for food to transform communities.