Kids Travel Menu for Thailand


Don’t struggle to order food for your kids in Thailand any more!

The kids menu isn’t only helpful for people with kids, but useful for anyone with food allergies, aversions to spicy food, and limited knowledge of Thai language.


We want to make traveling in Thailand easier for parents with this downloadable menu.

The menu has the following features:

  • Select dishes that we know kids love and are easy to eat
  • English, Thai script, and Thai phonetic names of each dish
  • Helpful phrases for food allergies and special requests
  • One page, easy to print, pdf format

If you’re introducing your children to food and travel, Thailand can be a fun but challenging place to visit. Based on feedback from the parents who visit our Thai cooking class for kids in Bangkok, we’ve made a special menu to help. This means you don’t have to be limited to restaurants in or near your hotel, nor those that only have English menus. For the most adventurous families, you’ll find it helpful even when communicating with street food vendors in Bangkok!

The kids menu is organized into a few sections to make it easy to read. This includes Thai appetizers, main courses, and drinks that a popular with kids in Thailand. The download is only one page, and useful on any smartphone that can view files in a pdf format.

Keep in mind the menu isn’t an exhaustive list of dishes available in Thailand. You will also find restaurants that may not offer some items on the menu. However, if you’re exploring and have limited options on how to communicate with street food or restaurant staff, we believe the menu will be a big help to you as you explore the delicious food in Thailand.

Note: This was previously a free item, but we have added a minimum price because of abusive downloading practices.