Thai Street Food 101


Feast through Bangkok’s street food scene, the world’s best!

Come hungry for 10+ tastings!

Rated 4.91 out of 5 by 171 guests!

All of our guides are fluent in Thai, allowing you to smoothly interact and learn from our neighborhood’s most talented street chefs.

Street Food 101

Don’t believe the hype, street food is alive and well in Bangkok— especially if you know where to look.

Join the Courageous Kitchen team in Bangkok for a street food tour experience in the back alleys of busy Bangkok. Learn about the different types of street stalls and what each has to offer.

Join us early on your journey to Thailand, to gain the confidence to explore on your own. Proceeds from each experience will help Courageous Kitchen reach out to more youth in need in Bangkok.

Note: This is not a food tour for the masses, adventurous eaters preferred. Groups of over 6 are not accepted. Those with strong dietary restrictions are also advised to find a more standard tour elsewhere. 

Sample Street Food Tasting Schedule:
5PM – Meet at a local coffee shop near a skytrain station (Punnawithi Station)
5:15 – Try Local Curry Noodles
5:30 – Intro to Bangkok’s Street Food Cafeterias
6PM – Mini Tastings Near a Thai Market
6:30 – Dessert and Departure

Typical Duration: 2-3 hours
Group Size Limit: 6 participants

Example Tasting Items:
Exotic Thai Fruit
Curry Noodles
Various Thai Stir Fries and Salads
Crispy and Savory Coconut Cups
Mango and Sticky Rice

This is a fun activity to support our charitable causes and not run like a tour group. While we vet the quality all of the vendors featured, it’s impossible to guarantee you will not experience any stomach issues.

All bookings are non-refundable. You can change the date of your booking if you notify us 24 hours in advance (subject to availability).

If you have any allergies or aversions, you are responsible for letting us know in advance.

Children under 10 are welcome to attend, make a note in your booking and be sure they are under your supervision at all times.