Special Group Cooking Class for 30 Deakin University Students!

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Check out the photos from a recent class where Courageous Kitchen welcomed our largest group yet!

group cooking class bangkok-1
group cooking class bangkok-2
group cooking class bangkok-4

We were contacted by the Deakin University faculty for the Food and Nutrition Sciences Department. The teachers were organizing a study tour to Thailand and looking for a special cooking class for thirty people. Although we don’t normally host large cooking classes, the group was really open to learning more about the community we’re supporting.

So instead of our usual cooking class setting the Deakin students arrived in the community we’re helping in Bangkok, ready to get messy cooking with our students. We divided the young adults from Australia into 5 groups, pairing each of them with one or two youth from the community. The youth led each group in making several recipes such a tom kha soup, pad thai with shrimp, and even a handmade sticky rice dumpling dessert!

group cooking class bangkok-6

group cooking class bangkok-3

group cooking class bangkok-5

Big thanks to the Deakin University students and faculty for being so willing and flexible for our first large group cooking class. Not only was this a great experience for our community, but the faculty from the university committed early to helping us buy better equipment for our ongoing classes. We’re more than grateful and hope to welcome more groups for similar experiences in the future!

Charitable Smoothie Bar and Five Kitchen Tour in Downtown Bangkok

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We’re happy to share some photos with you from a recent Courageous Kitchen activity. A few of our students were invited to setup a fruit smoothie bar in the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) headquarters in downtown Bangkok. The students woke up early and traveled more than an hour to get to the hotel. There the staff welcomed us into their office, where they planned to have a special lunch to kickoff the IHG Foundation Week, which aims to promote charities in the region and get their staff around the world thinking about giving back.intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-3

For our students, many of whom have never eaten in a restaurant or stayed in a hotel, this was a special experience. The staff welcomed them with new t-shirts, notebooks, and a quick briefing on the day’s plans. They were tasked with setting up a smoothie bar in the office’s break room area overlooking Bangkok. They quickly organized themselves into two stations, with specific tasks like collecting money, running the blenders, or asking their “customers” which fruit they preferred to have in their drinks.

intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-2
intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-4

The smoothie bar was a fun challenge for the students and since everyone who had a smoothie gave a small donation, they also raised some funds too. However, that wasn’t all IHG had planned for them. Led by two of the staff, Ben and Elena, the students then filed in to travel back to the hotel lobby where someone special was waiting. When the group exited the elevators into the grand lobby, they were met by Executive Chef┬áRolando. Chef Rolando is in charge of all of the kitchen for both the Intercontinental Hotel and next door sister hotel, Holiday Inn.

intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-1
intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-7
intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-6

After a quick introduction, we followed the chef first into the room service area of the kitchen. The look behind the scenes wowed the students and the size of the production was massive. From room service we entered another area responsible for catering for up to 1000 or more guests at one time. To put this in context, Chef Rolando walked the students into one of the behemoth banquet rooms and talked about the giant numbers of staff and things we take for granted like eggs that the hotel uses in one day.

From the chocolate statues in the buffet line, to breathtaking views on the 37th floor, and the exclusive areas of their fine dining restaurants, the students loved their kitchen tour. In the end we visited about 5 kitchens, looking both in the dining area and behind the scenes. The experience was enthralling for our students and we believed will help them to imagine a grand future for themselves in the kitchen or doing food related services.

intercontinental bangkok kitchen tour-8

Thank you to everyone who supports us, allowing us to do inspirational activities like this one. A special thank you to Ben, Elena, and Bangkok’s IHG office.

If you’re new to Courageous Kitchen, you can help by giving a small monthly donation so we can continue to serve youth in Bangkok and give them them skills and inspiration to last a lifetime!

All photos courtesy of volunteer photographer Kelly Miller.

Southeats Yields to Hurricane Recovery, But We’re Still Coming to Austin!

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In light of Hurricane Harvey, there’s been some changes with SouthEATS. Many of us were personally affected by the disaster, so after a long week of deliberating, our team has decided it’s best to postpone the event. However, for those of us that will still be in Austin we would like to invite you to join us for two casual events:

Saturday, September 23rd, 5-7pm (Open to the public)
Happy Hour on the Observation Deck at Boiler Nine
We will be providing some light appetizers, cash bar available.
Boiler Nine is family-friendly.

Sunday, September 24th, 5-9pm (RSVP only)
Private Family Dinner catered by Chefs Yia Vang, Jen Phanomrat, and Seng Luangrath
Tickets available here: southeatsfamilydinner.eventbrite.com
Venue: Wanderin’ Star Farms (12665 Silver Springs Road)

On behalf of the CK team, we do hope that you can understand our decision. We are disappointed but know that the urgent need to help restore Texas is much more pressing at this time. If you’d like to donate to the victims of Harvey, we’re asking that you help us send non-perishable items to Central Texas Food Bank as they are providing relief to thousands across the state.

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Please notify your networks or any personal contacts you’ve invited of the cancellation. If you have already purchased your ticket, you will be receiving a private email by the end of the week.