Live Thai Cooking Class (Zoom)

We’re now offering live Thai cooking classes via Zoom and Skype!

Are you ready to cook some delicious Thai food with us?

Book a date for you and a friend, discuss a time with us, and get online to connect over Thai food from the safety of home.

This class is perfect for kids and families!

Group bookings available, but most classes are private or have only a few participants. Each booking is intended for one household.

Product Description

The menu regularly changes and we accept special requests from groups who book together.

We will send you a shopping list for each recipe in advance, or if you don’t plan to cook along with us you’re welcome to join, watch, and ask questions as we cook.

Each call last roughly 45 mins and during calls if time permits, we like to discuss:

  • The Work of Courageous Kitchen
  • Thai Food Culture
  • Frequently Asked Cooking Question

We recommend everyone book a few days in advance so that scheduling can be arranged.

Due to Covid-19 concerns we have been forced to cancel many of our in person classes, this activity allows us to continue to raise funds, train young people, and interact with friends around the world.

After booking we will contact you to schedule the exact time of your class. Differences in time zone may require some flexibility, but we do our best to honor time requests.

Each class lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Available Class Days:

At the moment we mostly schedule classes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, we may be able to accommodate other days of the week as well.

Typically the best class times are:

US: Morning/Evening
Europe: Mid-Day
Other: Negotiable

We too have battled technical difficulties, things coming up, and messy time zones!

For these reasons, we do our best to wait for guests and be flexible. However, please email us if you’re having issues joining the class.

No show guests will not be rescheduled.

With 24hr advance notice, you can change the date/time of your class (subject to availability).

The class is non-refundable. However, if you notify us in advance that you can’t join your scheduled time, or a future time we may be able to provide recipes or video instruction instead.