Courageous Thailand Expedition

A 3-Week Adventure Itinerary
Guided by the Experts

Your Invitation to LEAP into a Whole New Reality

Your investment into the HERO Foundry program already entitles you to a one-of-a-kind 5-day immersion experience with Cody McKibben and Dwight Turner. Your private 2-bedroom family villa is already secure in a secluded family-friendly oasis on the outskirts of Ao Nang, Krabi, tucked away from the noisy bustle of backpacker hostels, the catcalling of exotic ladyboys, and the familiar tourist perfume of cigarette smoke and rum cocktails.

You will be transported by our dedicated driver in our private van, led by some of Ao Nang’s best local guides, and together with Dwight and Cody, you will experience the Mountain, the Jungle, the Ocean and the Island.

But after spending the last several months MasterMinding with us and bleeding together on this Journey, we would like to extend the invitation into our home, into our family, and spend a significant time together exploring new business possibilities with you and Carrie.

Proposed Travel Itinerary

In addition to our 5-nights and 6 days together in Krabi, Thailand already included in your KINGDOM 90 Day Challenge program, we invite you to join us for nearly 3 weeks of insider tours, experiences, and adventures.



++ Challenges & Excursions

dollars a day or less

Expedition Schedule

Beginning in Bangkok, you’ll be taken by the hand and pampered for a unique homestay experience, taste and touch an exotic foreign culture in the most vibrant, hands-on way imaginable, then fly with us to the beaches of southern Thailand for a combination of adventuresome Hero’s Initiation and relaxed beach vibes.

Wednesday, January 2

Wake up from your lengthy Journey across the International Date Line to begin your New Year on a new continent! We will meet you in the early morning hours at Suvarnabhumi Airport to help give you a soft landing and guide you straight to your temporary new home in the Land of Smiles.

Thursday, January 3

Let your bodies adjust to your new timezone and sleep in for a few mornings in the heart of Thailand’s capital city, while the Courageous Kitchen staff prepare delicious Thai breakfast for the whole family each day.

Friday, January 4

There will be PLENTY of exciting conversations to be had with your hosts, and when you’re ready, there is fast WiFi, a home gym, gardens, a full kitchen, and extensive nearby markets to explore. You can spend your evenings coworking, discussing business recipes, and watching psychology and mythology lectures.

Saturday, January 5

You will venture to one of Bangkok’s best coworking facilities to network with fellow entrepreneurs, and to work through shared Hero’s Journey workshops. If you’re brave enough to make a short presentation, you are invited to share YOUR Journey so we can help make you a rockstar across Southeast Asia’s “nomad” circles.

Sunday, January 6

Sunday will be a relaxed day to enjoy free time with your family, engage in a face-to-face Kingdom Meeting with the team, and in the evening enjoy a light-hearted charity mixer at our friends’ nearby cafe.

Monday, January 7

Don’t believe the hype, street food is alive and well in Bangkok— especially if you know where to look. Join Dwight and team for a custom street food tour experience in the back alleys of busy Bangkok. Learn about the different types of street stalls and what each has to offer. Proceeds from these tours help Courageous Kitchen reach out to more youth in need in Bangkok.

Tuesday, January 8

Enjoy a free day to explore or relax at your pleasure. This could be a perfect day to take a Bangkok river tour, visit the Royal Palace, or ascend to one of the city’s towering skyscraper viewing decks (of course, we can help you plan!)

Wednesday, January 9

Volunteer hands-on with the children and refugee families that Courageous Kitchen serves, and join us for a close up look at a local Thai market, and a guided cooking class where you will learn about Thai ingredients, and how to cook with them on your own!

Thursday, January 10

Together we will fly south to Krabi International Airport, where we will be transported 30 minutes to our private family villas together in a safe, family-friendly retreat property where the kids can enjoy playing in the pool together and parents can watch stunning sunsets every night.

Friday, January 11

You will be given the royal welcome to Thailand’s most breathtaking natural landscape — Ao Nang, Krabi. Get your bearings with a guided tour with Cody, and enjoy lazy time on the beach, fresh seafood, or local nightlife.

Saturday, January 12

A perfect day for an optional getaway on a local “longtail” boat to remote Railay Beach — Cody’s favorite beach on earth! Or an excursion to find the gentle giant elephants in the inland forests nearby.

Sunday, January 13

We will have our second in-person Kingdom Meeting with the team, where you will be led through a Vision and goal-setting exercise, and we will kick off the official start of our HERO Week immersion with a complimentary welcome dinner to set the frame for this week’s challenges.

Monday, January 14

Early morning start for the men as you embark on the Road of Trials challenge, approach your Inmost Cave, and experience local Muay Thai boxing.

Tuesday, January 15

Today you will conquer the Mountain — as you climb over 1,200 steps up to one of Krabi’s highest peaks, visit monks in Buddhist temples, and set your sights on YOUR Summit.

Wednesday, January 16

Families can stay behind for a relaxing day around the pool or at the beach, while the men again depart for a challenging battle with the sea in the Swim exercise. You will seek out your own Island and tonight you face Apotheosis.

Thursday, January 17

A very early morning wakeup call will challenge you to make your sacrifice for an exercise we call the Catharsis. Spend a relaxed afternoon at our private beach club focused on journaling, and a nighttime celebration as you become the Master of Two Worlds.

Friday, January 18

You will experience the Freedom to Live as we adventure across the ocean for a day of island-hopping, snorkeling, cliff diving, and prepare to return back to your “Ordinary World” with the magical Elixir.

Saturday, January 19

Having graduated your modern-day Hero’s Initiation, Saturday will be a day of well-earned rest. Feel free to relax or explore at your convenience, and those courageous enough are welcome to join us for a free-spirited romp into Ao Nang’s nighttime darkside to celebrate Dwight’s bachelor party before his wedding next week.

Sunday, January 20

Our final morning to enjoy Paradise before we return to civilization and make a return flight to Bangkok. One more debrief Kingdom Meeting back at Courageous Kitchen headquarters and enjoy a night in comfort to prepare for your journey home.

Monday, January 21

Get in any last minute things before you depart the magical Kingdom (we recommend one last massage before you go) and catch your taxi to the airport for your late-night 12:30am ANA flight 808 to Tokyo.

Double Your Time in Paradise

Your 2-bedroom villa already awaits you, five nights/six days already included from January 14-19 (including breakfast). But if you’d like to extend your time in Krabi with us for an ADDITIONAL 5 days, with private access to the Andamana Beach Club, our VIP van driver, and extra excursions, then read on…

Accommodation Details

2BR Pool Villa
2 Queen Beds
Kitchenette with Refrigerator & Microwave
WiFi included
Air conditioner
Hair Dryer & Toiletries
Restaurant on the property

Be Pampered in Bangkok

You’ll have the BEST guide to BKK one could ask for, get spoilt by the Courageous Kitchen team, AND sleep well knowing a portion of your payment goes to help support urban refugees who need it most!

Insider Street Food Tour
See Details ($260 value)

Expert Cooking Lessons
Learn More ($180++ Value)

Support an Important Cause
About the CK Mission

Krabi Highlights

Perfected after YEARS of fine-tuning, this is our SIXTH entrepreneur retreat in paradise!

Pick Your Price (You Decide)

1. Contribute just $1555

Get 15 additional days accommodation for only $26 per person per day! 10 days Bangkok homestay with Courageous Kitchen + 5 days Krabi villa extension ONLY

2. Support CK with $1999

Only $33 per person per day, you’ll get at least 2 meals a day prepared for you by the pros while in Bangkok, and don’t have to worry about doing your own shopping or eating out every meal. Plus get breakfasts included for all 10 days while in Krabi.

3. Make a commitment of $2222

Still just $37 per person per day, at this rate or above we’ll also guarantee a trip to see the elephants + an extra trip to Railay beach included! 

4. Any contribution above $2222

will be considered a charitable donation to CK that will help support their important programs. If you make any donation above the cost of expenses, you will ALSO be gifted 3 months of 1:1 complimentary coaching by Cody McKibben and the HERO Foundry (including a custom-built roadmap to optimize your freelance service offering, PLUS we’ll go through Dr. Jordan Peterson’s full Self-Authoring journaling suite together!)

Please make your payment with the link below with the Note “HERO Week”. If you want to split payments into multiple installments, just email us.

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