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Core Team

courageous kitchen team



Dwight is a Thai speaking American expat who originally came to Bangkok as an ESL teacher. He is passionate about using food to build and transform communities for the better. Dwight was born in Atlanta, Georgia and after falling in love with travel, pursued Intercultural Communication Studies at Sacramento State. Far from home, Dwight began working with vulnerable communities in Bangkok after discovering a close friend’s family had been homeless and was struggling to survive. He hopes to grow Courageous Kitchen into an organization whose mission, to serve nutrition as education, vocation, and confidence, resonates with people from all walks of life.


Deputy Director

Christy was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and spent most of her adult life in New York City. She now divides her time between Bangkok and the US. Coming from a multicultural family, and traveling any opportunity she can, she considers herself a global citizen. Her background in youth advocacy, community development, and hospitality serve as the foundation for her role in the Courageous Kitchen. As Deputy Director, Christy oversees day-to-day activity and manages programming for our families and staff. She also develops curriculum for all food related activity in the charity. In 2017 she launched a Thai cooking course for tourists and began developing a Courageous Kitchen cookbook.


Deputy Director 

Michaelle has been working behind the scenes with Courageous Kitchen since 2010 (then In Search of Sanuk) when she moved to Bangkok to work for the UN. Since then Michaelle has been continuing her support remotely and in Bangkok when possible. Michaelle has a PhD in development studies. Her research focused on Syrian refugees in Bangkok and the barriers they face in accessing resources. Due to this, Michaelle has a distinct understanding of the complex situation in Bangkok and the difficulties stateless and refugee populations face.


Program Coordinator

Dew graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Radio-Television-Films. Dew splits his time between his filmmaking ambitions and his passion for social justice. As one of Dwight’s oldest students, Dew has seen and volunteered with Courageous Kitchen through its different iterations over the years. As a Thai speaking citizen, he’s able to coordinate between the needs of the community and Courageous Kitchen as well as the different Thai agencies and authorities to advocate for health and safety of urban refugees in Bangkok.


Community Engagement Coordinator

Danielle received her bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Writing in 2016 and shortly after moved to Bangkok, Thailand to volunteer and teach English at the Courageous Kitchen classroom. After finding lots of love, kindness, and tasty food at the Courageous Kitchen, Danielle is now committed to building organizational sustainability and program support.