A Fully Flavored Food Tour of Bangkok

A Fully Flavored Food Tour of Bangkok

Since we launched our social enterprise in 2017, our main business efforts have centered around giving our visitors great cooking classes. When we’re speaking to schools or promoting our efforts in the US, we point to the smiley photos of guests with smoking hot plates of pad thai, as a symbol of our efforts. But making your Thai favorites in our cooking class is NOT the only way travelers to Bangkok are supporting the Courageous Kitchen. In fact, more and more people are beginning to discover our tours and community work because of our obsession with Thailand’s street food. 

Experience from years in Bangkok hunting great street food and restaurants was channeled into our tour Street Food 101 in late 2017. We’ve pushed the goal of the tour beyond overstuffing you with tasty Thai treats (which is definitely a major part of the plan), to introducing you how to navigate the amazing and intimidating hawker fare available in the main streets and back alleys all over the city. This doen’t just begin when the tour starts, but guests can even download our street food pocket guide to begin studying in advance for our crash course in street food mastery.

Still we didn’t expect the tour to become popular. But with nearly zero promotion, people hunting a unique street food experience began finding us. This always comes as a surprise because the tour description is written in a way as to turn away many of people reading. With only a few seats available on the tour each week, we want to make sure we’re attracting adventurous eaters who’ll make the most of the chance to feast on authentic, and often terrifically spicy street food fare. For a tour of Bangkok’s Chinatown or for a more general survey of popular street food, we’re happy to point people to another company instead. 

The controversy surrounding Thailand’s street food bans, and Michelin stars being dished out to such low key eateries in Bangkok, must have also helped propel travelers’ curiosity because we have been busy. What else could explain our local newspaper mention below, sent by a family from South Africa?

We’re still incredulous!

“You’ll end up having a better understanding of why Bangkok is considered one of the top street food cities in the world…” 

Through word of mouth or social media, so many of you found us online, that midway through 2018, the cooking class and street food tours were starting to provide a significant amount of fundraising for the families we help. This has meant more budget for kids cooking classes, and being able to distribute rice and other staples to families in need. 

 For now atleast, our cooking classes are still our most popular activity. But don’t be surprised if you began to hear more about our street food exploits. We know that impacting our local community by serving people in need, and encouraging our guests to become better travelers, is what truly makes this unique experience a fully flavored food tour, and we hope to share it with more of you in 2019. 

PS – Special thanks to Karin and family for finding, scanning, and sharing this article with us!

Author: Dwight

Dwight is the director of Courageous Kitchen, and loves sharing his passion for food with new people. 

Tis the Season for a Family Friendly Cooking Class!

Tis the Season for a Family Friendly Cooking Class!

Are you finding the list of things to do as a family in Bangkok limiting? Parents we feel your pain! Thailand may be a dream destination, but finding fun activities to do with your kids beyond sightseeing, can be especially difficult. Even among cooking classes in Bangkok, very few allow children. We know it can be disappointing to find out one of the best ways to see and learn about Thai culture, may be limited to certain family members based on age or height restrictions. 

Kids enjoying our cooking class in Bangkok, as their parents participate nearby.

The reason you don’t find family oriented classes in Bangkok, is because the way cooking classes are organized is too business centric. Thais all admit the kitchen is the center of the asian household, but when it comes to capturing the tourist dollar, many companies will force as many people into a ‘cooking class’ as they can. For tour groups especially, operating on schedule and being able to accommodate large groups has usurped the importance of being accessible and welcoming to all ages. 

Fun for all ages, including Miss Teen Puerto Rico and family.

Earlier this year, we took the feedback from our customers requesting to attend with their children to heart. After all, Courageous Kitchen is a charity founded on the belief that the kitchen is a great classroom for people of all ages, and especially children. So instead of just making room for parents with kids, we carved out a class dedicated to families who want to cook together

Merry Christmas from the Courageous Kitchen team to you and all of our fun visitors!

We’ve learned a lot from hosting these new classes this past year. Having kids cooking with their parents has been especially fun to watch, and having three generations of a family visit our kitchen has made memories that will last a lot longer than our homemade pad thai. The beauty of all this holiday memory making, is it will help us to sustain and supplement so many families who are in need. We appreciate all of our guests and supporters for making our work possible, and encourage everyone wherever you are to get into the kitchen with family this holiday!

Commencez la saison des dons avec un cours spécial de cuisine thaïlandaise!

Commencez la saison des dons avec un cours spécial de cuisine thaïlandaise!

La saison des dons est imminente. La saison a débuté un jour seulement après le jour d’actions de grâce, nous étions heureux d’organiser notre premier cours en partenariat avec Holland America. 

ONotre premier cours de cuisine thaïlandaise avec Holland America a été l’occasion pour les clients de se familiariser avec la cuisine courageuse

Ce vendredi dernier, nous avons accueilli nos premiers invités de “Holland America Cruise Lines”. La société propose des voyages dans le monde entier. Sur leurs itinéraires asiatiques, elle se rend souvent en Thaïlande, amarrée au port voisin de Laem Chabang. Une fois ici, les clients ont le choix de toutes sortes d’options pour des excursions d’une journée à la découverte de Bangkok et des provinces environnantes. Récemment, Holland America s’est associé à “Cuisine Courageuse” pour offrir à ses clients la possibilité de suivre un cours de cuisine thaïlandaise tout en aidant les personnes qui sont dans le besoin.

L’idée de faire venir des voyageurs en classe a commencé après que le personnel de l’entreprise eut lu une interview du fondateur de la Cuisine Courageuse (Courageous Kitchen), en la personne de Monsieur Dwight, sur les recettes et les vins proposes. Dans l’interview, Monsieur Dwight parle à la fois de ses endroits préférés où il fait beau de manger à Bangkok et de son œuvre caritative pour aider les citadins pauvres.

 Le premier groupe qui a effectué la visite était composé d’Américains et de Canadiens, tous ont été sympathiques et désireux d’en savoir plus sur le travail de cette œuvre caritative. Alors que nous avons appris à nous connaître, ils ont appris à préparer quatre plats thaïlandais, dont notre fameuse recette de pad thaï et la délicieuse mais moins connue la salade de haricots.

Le menu du jour comprenait la salade de haricots thaïlandais, moins connue. Le haricot vert frais saupoudré de piment rouge ardent qui ressemblait à un arbre de Noël. 
En plus du coût normal du cours, Holland America a inclus un don à notre organisme de bienfaisance pour chaque invité participant.

Depuis que “la Cuisine Courageuse” propose des cours de cuisine thaïlandaise et des circuits de restauration de rue en 2017, nous avons accueilli plus de 600 invités. Bien que nous ayons encore beaucoup à faire, nous nous arrêtons cette semaine pour exprimer notre gratitude à nos anciens clients de nous avoir aidé à améliorer la vie de ceux qui sont dans le besoin. Bien sûr, un merci tout spécial à Holland America pour avoir cherché à entrer en contact avec des voyagistes plus responsables et pour avoir lancé la saison des dons en nous envoyant un excellent groupe de visiteurs!

We’re Heating Up Winter Markets with Chili Jam and Pad Thai Sauce!

We’re Heating Up Winter Markets with Chili Jam and Pad Thai Sauce!

It’s that time of year in Bangkok, when the weather drops only 5 degrees and we have our official winter angst! While we await a cooler breeze to arrive, each day we’re inching toward the year end holidays, with lots of happenings around town for both tourists and expats alike. We hope to meet a few of you who’ve escaped winter in our cooking class this month, but here’s a few more places to spot us!


We’re featured in this month’s edition of Bambi News!

  • NIST International School’s Festive Coffee Morning
  • Afro Magic’s Art, Music, & Dance Celebration (Dec. 9th)
  • Lush Thailand’s Charity Party (Dec. 16th, Mega Bangna Location)
  • December 2018’s Edition of Bambi News

If you find us at one of the popular winter markets, be sure to look for our new 120ml bottles of vegan chili jam and pad thai sauce. The new compact packaging will be easier to grab as a gift, or throw in your suitcase for the long journey home. The pad thai sauce jars are enough to cook 3-4 portions of noodles, and the chili jam is a great addition to Asian style soups, salads, and stir frys.

Grab a sauce from us at a winter event, or in your Thai cooking class!

 Just be sure to remember all the products are made with no funky additives, so to be sure to refrigerate them after opening. Of course, we have these Thai recipes available if you want to try your hand at making them at home. 

We’ll be celebrating at a few ‘winter markets’ around town, and hope you’ll come and find us, grab a bottle of sauce, a Courageous Kitchen apron, and an end of the year photo with us!

All cooking classes and product sales help families in need and fund fun cooking activities for our students!

PSFor CK fans stateside don’t feel left out, we have something brewing for you in 2019!

Author: Dwight

Dwight is the director of Courageous Kitchen, and loves sharing his passion for food with new people. 

3 Ways to Support Courageous Kitchen This Holiday!

3 Ways to Support Courageous Kitchen This Holiday!

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5 star Reviews

“This was a really fun experience for our whole family. Also wonderful to know our tourism dollars we’re helping local people. Highly recommended."


Guest, October 2018

"Amazing cooking class. Lily, Nisha and Dwight were wonderful. I enjoyed the class immensely, and what a great organization!"


Guest, November 2019

"If you are in Bangkok you MUST visit Courageous Kitchen! Dwight and everyone gave us a top notch cooking experience. The food is SO good and you feel like you’re at home with family and friends while you’re there. I will return every chance that I get."


Guest, October 2018

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As your designated charity Amazon donates a small fraction of the proceeds of each sale back to our charity!

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