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Thai Cooking Demo & Dinner

Join Christy one of the co-founders of Courageous Kitchen for dinner and demo session serving your delicious Thai favorites. This is a great chance to enjoy a great meal, try your hand at cooking, and get to know the story of Courageous Kitchen first hand!

Download Our Recipes!

Courageous Recipes

Interested in Thai cooking? Download a few of our most popular recipes and help us fundraise a much larger cookbook.

Group Cooking Classes in Bangkok

Courageous Kitchen also hosts group cooking classes in Bangkok. This can range from 3 generations of one family learning Thai cooking, to student field trips learning about social businesses that are giving back in Thailand. Read more about booking for a group and contact us to book!

Cooking Class Updates

Tom Yum Fried Rice Recipe

Tom Yum Fried Rice Recipe

Tom Yum lovers will be excited to learn you can enjoy the popular soup in a variety of ways. One of our favorite renditions is in the form of fried rice. This is similar to what you would order at a street food stall with a wok station. If you can find fragrant herbs...

Notice of Virus Precautions Policy

Notice of Virus Precautions Policy

The past few weeks have been a trying time for everyone around the world. Wherever you are reading from, we do wish you good health and would like to share our concern and condolences to anyone who has been directly impacted by the corona virus Covid-19. At the moment...


A Rejuvenating Golden Milk Recipe

A Rejuvenating Golden Milk Recipe

Are you familiar with turmeric milk, golden milk, or if you’re feeling fancy a 'golden milk latte'? They may be popular at your local cafes and in the health food community, but they’re easy enough to make at home too. Whatever you prefer to call this special drink,...

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