Charitable Cooking Classes and Food

Join us for live from Bangkok for virtual Thai cooking classes or book a private class to learn with us in person.

Friends and supporters located in Bangkok, can also support by ordering from our plant based vegan delivery service called Curry Kween each week.

Proceeds from these activities help us to reach out communities at risk, including helping families in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

Learn Thai Cooking from Teachers in Bangkok

Learn to cook your favorite Thai dishes in our intimate cooking classes in Bangkok, outside of the areas typically visited by tourists. Our staff will handle all the preparation and cleaning, so that you can focus on learning the fundamentals of Thai cooking. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned chef or an aspiring foodie, our Thai cooking classes can accommodate all.

The in person Thai cooking classes have relaunched, but with limited availability. Be sure to check our Thai Plant Based Cooking – Airbnb Experience page for the most updated dates. We look forward to cooking with you! 

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Covid Food Relief Efforts

Support covid relief efforts to help the most vulnerable in Thailand. $10 can provide rice and supplies for a family in need!

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Courageous Kitchen hosts cooking classes and street food tours, using the proceeds from each to make a difference in communities in need.

We believe, “Leaders in the kitchen, are leaders in the community,” and invite you to join our classes virtually on zoom, or in person in Bangkok, Thailand.

"Leaders in the Kitchen, are Leaders in the Community!"