Bangkok Food Tours and Thai Cooking Classes

There are many good Bangkok food tours and Thai cooking classes, but we are one of the few that does good. By supporting Courageous Kitchen, you will not only experience fantastic and authentic Thai food, you’ll also be supporting marginalized youth in Bangkok. Courageous Kitchen is proud to support dozens of in need families in the city.

Thai Cooking Classes in Bangkok

Learn to cook your favorite Thai dishes in our intimate cooking classes in Bangkok, outside of the areas typically visited by tourists. Our staff will handle all the preparation and cleaning, so that you can focus on learning the fundamentals of Thai cooking. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned chef or an aspiring foodie, our Thai cooking classes can accommodate all.

In addition to the morning market tour and Thai cooking class in Bangkok, our most popular option, we also offer a Thai rice noodle making class, and a cooking class in the evening for families with kids

For our friends stateside, we also offer a small class, or group trainings, for Thai food lovers in San Diego, California.

Food Tours in Bangkok

No trip to Thailand is complete without eating a diverse selection of Bangkok’s delicious street food. Our Bangkok food tours will take you to our neighborhood’s best street food stalls, which we believe are among the best the city has to offer. You’ll try Thailand’s most famous dishes, and explore an off the beaten path neighborhood near a great local market. Our local guides are all fluent in Thai, know the food, and how it is made, so you can experience Thailand’s most delicious dishes first hand.

Charity Project Updates 

Tom Yum Melodies with Khlong Toey Music Program

The kitchen is a special classroom, where students can be given the power to create, collaborate, and thrive! We believe this to the core, we preach...

Refugee Kids’ Art, Cooking, and Courage Featured in Thai Magazine

Exciting news! We’ve been featured in a local online magazine called The Cloud. The publication is in Thai, and includes some great photography, but...

Courageous Kids Cooking Camp!

Courageous Kitchen typically provides weekly English and cooking class to students from marginalized communities. This is important work and...

Help A Courageous New Family Thrive in San Diego!

In addition to the services we provide to marginalized families in Bangkok, co-founder Christy Innouvong has been helping a special new family learn...

Welcome to Courageous Kitchen

Courageous Kitchen hosts cooking classes and street food tours, using the proceeds from each to make a difference in communities in need.

We believe, “Leaders in the kitchen, are leaders in the community,” and invite you to join our classes in Bangkok, Thailand and San Diego, California.

Thai Plant Based Cooking Class in Bangkok

Thai Plant Based Cooking Class in Bangkok

Plant Based แบบไทยๆ ใช้กระทะใบเดียวก็เฟี้ยวได้ ขอเชิญพี่ๆน้องๆ มาลองกิน ลองทำ 5 เมนู อาหารพืชผัก ที่สามารถนำไปทำทานได้จริงที่บ้าน! We’re hosting our very first plant based cooking class in Bangkok. The event will be a Thai language class taking place on Monday, March...

Charitable Photo Exhibition in Bangkok This March

Charitable Photo Exhibition in Bangkok This March

Don't miss 'Ladakh – Land in the Clouds' a photography exhibition by David Simon. This month don’t miss, Ladakh – Land in the Clouds, a special photography exhibition in Bangkok. The exhibition is by David Simon, an expat living in Bangkok who leads adventurous...

"Leaders in the Kitchen, are Leaders in the Community!"